Date: 3/12/18 5:23 pm
From: Jeff Harding <jeffharding...>
Subject: [obol] 2 Say's Phoebes and 3 Mtn Bluebirds at Detroit Flats (Marion County)
I ran into Roy Gerig at Detroit Flats, in Marion County this morning. We
walked out the Osprey Point trail to the stump farm area, where Roy had
found a Say's Phoebe earlier. We found another Say's Phoebe, and had them
both in view at the same time. They were joined by 3 Mountain Bluebirds, and
then two bright male Western Bluebirds came in. There was a single Savanah
Sparrow and a handful of Western Meadowlarks on the way out through the
willows, but not much else of notes. It is remarkable to see two Say's
Phoebes in Marion County, but seeing one out on Detroit Flats is fairly
regular this time of year.

Otherwise, Detroit Lake had very few waterbirds. I did not see any ducks at
Big Cliff Reservoir below Detroit Dam, only a few Canada Geese and a
cormorant. There were no Goldeneye visible from the dam, either, though a
Common Merganser flew up from below the spillway.

While I was on the dam, one of the fishermen there hooked a trout. As he was
bringing it to the surface, a Great Blue Heron came over and grabbed it from
his line, to the dismay of the fisherman. To the dismay of the Great Blue
Heron, a Bald Eagle came over and tried to get the fish, making the heron
drop it. Not very satisfying for anyone involved. An otter watched the whole
thing, but didn't get involved.

Good birding,


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