Date: 3/12/18 9:37 am
From: Elise W <ewolf97...>
Subject: [obol] slug bait
Dan Gleason is right. These slug baits are toxic to birds, and notably
other animals. There is ample evidence now of dogs getting poisoned (iron
toxicity) with these baits. Birds are attracted because they contain a
chemical that smells like grain and they look like seeds. The smell is what
attracts the slug.

here is a link on dog poisoning issues.

Any poison that says it will kill one animal and not another ("wildlife
safe") is likely not, that is my take. No animal can take on a load of iron
and not have effects. The lack of study on these products is concerning.
What's more concerning is the removal of studies from sites that show
impacts. The FDA, as we all know, shoots then looks.

Oils are also popular. Never ever use a deterrence/exclusion oil product in
your landscape. Any bird that lands on it will get oiled. Then you have an
oiled bird (ditto on having exposed suet and pb out in the yard or on
trees). Fats/oils on birds kills them (removes the waterproofing and thus
their heat retaining ability).

Elise Wolf
Native Bird Care
Sisters, OR

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