Date: 3/11/18 6:52 pm
From: David Rogles <suneska...>
Subject: Harlan's RT
Should have posted this earlier; talking with a local birder I remembered we found these birds last weekend

Along Dalbow Tom and I had 4 Harlan's RT, including two who were perched together on top (the top of the pole, not on crossbars) together. They were from the intersection of Dalbow/Firma, across the tracks and up to the duck club. so what, less than a mile? 4 birds, sitting. Seemed like a 'group', even though they were spread out. And we had an additional one bird at BK leach. Total for the day was 5. This was Saturday, the 3rd.

Then this Saturday we had 15 RTHA in the burned field behind and downstream from Heron Pond. Sitting on the ground, on short twiggy brush and some in trees bordering the field. We checked them pretty good but no Rough-legged. Or Swainson's.

St. Louis

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