Date: 3/11/18 6:03 pm
From: John Thomas <johnpam...>
Subject: [obol] HARRIS'S SPARROW & FOY RUFOUS HUMMINGBIRD On a Sunny Day in March - NE Silverton
Greetings OBOLers !

We saw "our" HARRIS'S SPARROW again this morning at 9:50 so it's still here...but intermittent - every couple days. This second Harris's has been here since December and hangs out with the WC and GC Sparrows like the other Harris's a couple years ago . We see it intermittent now because (presumably) it's feeding in the other 3 areas I throw seed. (Some Vendors making a bundle off of us! Trying to keep the hawks from killing passerines easily...)

FOY RUFOUS HUMMINGBIRD showed this afternoon. We remember when they showed in March and were the harbingers of spring after a long hummingbird-less winter. Now we have the Anna's here all the time but the first Rufous still tells us Spring IS Here !

Good Birding To All,
John Thomas
5 miles NE of Silverton- Marion Co.-OR
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