Date: 3/11/18 11:23 am
From: Daniel Mason <millipede1977...>
Subject: Re: Cinnamon Teal -no
My experience with cinnamon teal is limited to a few minutes observing a
male(possible a female with it) at City lake in siloam springs. (Just
remembered, had a mallard x cinnamon teal there this winter as well that
stuck around a few days)
My experience with teal in general is that they're quite skittish.
Waterfowl on small farm ponds and such don't often stick around long.
And while they're around, they could be just another field over and
you'd never know it.
The one I saw at city lake last year, I just caught a glimpse of that
color among a flock of other teal flying back and forth. This was as I
was on my way back to the van... quickly got down to the lake, got a few
crummy photos, and then it left....
At city lake, many ducks that are flushed(sometimes for no apparent
reason) will circle around and around and around. Some will settle down
somewhere else. Some will leave and not be seen again, like the teal I
found that day. I'm guessing because of the size of the lake, when
they're spooked they don't always feel comfortable coming back down.  At
larger lakes, like Lake fayetteville(I think that lake needs a new name,
same with city lake) those ducks feel comfortable settling down far away
from whatever bothered them.
Based on that and the reports that have been coming in...  I could never
"chase"(as in, for me it's hours away) a bird like that at a location
like that. Sounds like it's still in the area but will be hit or miss. 
If you're far away, keep in mind that it will be a matter of luck and it
may or may not be worth the gas.  But if you're in the area, it's worth
the persistence of checking back and driving around looking for other
spots it could be hiding out.
Such a beautiful bird, glad the state has one visiting.

Daniel Mason

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