Date: 3/10/18 5:02 pm
From: Robert Thorn <robthorn6...>
Subject: [Ohio-birds] AlumCreekLake,3-10:HornedGrebes,Gulls
Things were still in late winter mode at the southern end of Alum Creek
Lake in Delaware County, with few migrant landbirds, but a steady supply of
waterbirds. I stopped at New Galena boat launch and the Beach & Visitors
Center, and the notables included:

Horned Grebes - had 30+ between the 2 sites, with 20 off the beach
Dabbling Ducks - modest numbers of dabblers, mostly Mallards but with a few
Diving Ducks - Buffleheads were at both sites (total of 20), while a small
flock of Lesser Scaup were off the beach
OtherWaterfowl - a flock of 110 Coots were off New Galena
Shorebirds - only Killdeer, with 5 along the beach
Gulls - the beach still held a good flock early in the morning, with 240+
Ring-bills and 22 Herring.
N.Flickers - good #s, with 6 at New Galena and another 3 around the
Visitors Center
Swallows - none yet, though this is a good spot for early Tree Swallows &
Purple Martins
Warblers - still only Yellow-rumps, but did have 4+ at each site
Sparrows - not much other than singing Song Sparrows and a few
White-throats in either spot.
Blackbirds - lots of the expected trio - Redwings,Grackles,Cowbirds - at
both spots
Finches - nothing other than the expected House Finches & Goldfinches


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