Date: 3/10/18 9:35 am
From: Robert Thorn <robthorn6...>
Subject: [Ohio-birds] Hoover,3-09: ducks,vultures
These early migrants were much in evidence when I visited a few spots
around upper Hoover Reservoir yesterday. I stopped at Wiese Rd, Hoover
Meadows, and Twin Bridges, and had slow birding on a cold Friday
afternoon. But scattered in the list were some notables, including

Lesser Scaup - a flock of 50+ was in the bay of the north reservoir off
Wiese Rd
Mergansers - 32 Red-breasted and 12 Hooded were fishing in the inlet at
Twin Bridges
Turkey Vultures - small numbers everwhere, but they were eclisped by the
roost at Twin Bridges, which had 120+ birds by 4:30 PM
Bonaparte's Gulls - a flock of 25 had joined the mergansers in fishing Twin
Bridges inlet


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