Date: 3/10/18 8:57 am
From: Tim <timberwolf69...>
Subject: [obol] Glaucous-winged gulls
I've never paid a whole lot of attention to gulls even though I've lived around them all my life. But I'm curious how common or uncommon the Glaucous-winged gulls are here on the OR coast. This morning a small group of gulls came into the back yard to rob the crows scraps which happens when the crows get too noisy. But the ones that came in this morning were acting different. They were fighting with each other and they were very skiddish. Usually If I wanted to chase them off I would have to go outside and walk towards them but these jumped just at tapping my finger on the window. Plus they were going after each other and not bothering the crows at all. Usually it's just a free for all until the food is gone and then they leave with rarely any aggression. But with this behavior that's when I noticed the wing bars were gray no the usual black. I can honestly say I never remember seeing these in the backyard before. Probably have been back there a hundred times before but never noticed the difference. They were also quiet, not the usual annoying squawking that they do.

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