Date: 3/10/18 6:55 am
From: Karl Schneck <keschneckdds...>
Subject: [obol] Re: Linn County Say's Phoebe
Seems like more sightings of Say's Phoebe recently than usual based on the
reports submitted here. I find them at my house near Ashland several times
a year. My location is at the fringe of the distribution shown by BNA. A
bird invasion? Well, not like this one in Houston:
Any ideas? Is this basically a good year for them? Anyway, I got a nice
picture of the one at my house yesterday:

Karl Schneck

"As age comes on, one source of enjoyment after another is closed, but
nature's sources never fail." John Muir

On Sat, Mar 10, 2018 at 12:16 AM, Linda Fink <linda...> wrote:

> Today (Friday, March 9) while on our North Santiam raptor route, we found
> a Say's Phoebe flycatching from the fence behind the Fairview Cemetery
> between Mill City and Gates on the Linn County side of the river on
> Kingwood Ave. It was quite unafraid of me: I was looking for raptors across
> the field on the other side of the fence from the cemetery when I heard it
> churring (what it sounds like to me) and then noticed this flycatcher
> flying out and back right in front of me.
> Linda Fink
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