Date: 3/9/18 6:51 pm
From: Linda Ferraresso <tattler1...>
Subject: [MASSBIRD] Woodcock in the snow
Was talking to a few people today about what Woodcock do in the snow . None of us were sure though consensus was they still 'got the urge'. So I went out to the check it out this evening.

First, there was plenty of snow! Approximately 6:15 the first bird arrived and landed right on the snow- giving great looks through binoculars. I could actually see the bird's body vibrating when in peented. There were a couple other in the area though at a considerable distance - identified by vocalizations. Then another bird landed on the snow quite close by - where I observed a very interesting behavior ( one visible because bird was standing on the snow). As he peented he turned slowly in a clockwise fashion so as to throw his voice to all directions. He did this twice before going into his display flight. Clever guy!

Moral of the story: these birds don't seem hindered by the snow, though observers seem to have an improve viewing with the sharp contrast provided by the snow. Get out there and enjoy the show.


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Linda Ferraresso
Salem, MA

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