Date: 3/9/18 8:30 am
From: Jeff Hansen <>
Subject: How to Attract More Birds with Homemade Suet

Yesterday I had FIVE yellow rumped warblers eating this suet off the
ground.  Wanted to help people learn how to make it so I made this video.

Learn how to make homemade suet with peanut butter, animal fat, quick
oats, corn meal, & white flour. Birds prefer it to store bought suet.
This homemade suet attracts all kinds of woodpeckers, chickadees,
titmice, wrens, as well as hard to attract brown creepers and
yellow-rumped warblers, Blue jays love it as well.  Learn to serve it in
a suet log, suet cage/basket, suet dish, or on the ground.

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Jeff Hansen

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