Date: 3/9/18 4:46 am
From: Bruni Haydl <bruni...>
Subject: Good Move
Passing up a fast food lunch for eating at home yesterday was a good
move.  While I was fixing my sandwich a lovely Pine Siskin joined the
Goldfinches and Bluebirds on the food tray.  A bit later a small flock
of Waxwings descended on the birdbath, for the second time that day. 
Sure wish I would find one of their feathers.    A few Yellow-rumped
Warblers are also a treat.   I've also seen a Chipping Sparrow at the
feeder.  The lone female Purple Finch is still around.  She's so easy to
spot without binoculars.  To think that I used to have problems
identifying them.

Spring is definitely in the air even though the temps would tell you
otherwise.  Lots of courting behavior.  There were four male Bluebirds
fluttering, trying to impress a female.  Avian version of "The
Bachelorette?"    Flicker numbers are up.  They seem to spend a fair
amount of time on the ground chasing each other.

With the Eagle's nest in Shepherdstown being out for the season it makes
the nest on my neighbor's property all the more special. Walking over to
check on them we got caught in a snow squall.  I was glad to see the
white head of one of the eagles on the nest. It was too cold and windy
to look for the other one so we headed home.

Bruni Haydl

Charles Town, WV
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