Date: 3/8/18 4:45 pm
From: Jim H <englishhaus...>
Subject: Peregrine Pair - Elizabeth Bridge, Allegheny Co.
Hello All,

The peregrine pair continues now for the fifth day in a row. The female
prefers to perch atop the west center span (Clairton side) and the male
when he comes in will perch near the center east (Elizabeth side). Tonight
the male flew in with a bird in its talons, but he managed to perch out of
view with his prey. He did not feed the female or copulate with her as he
did during my last observation. I got some decent pics of the female by
parking in downtown Elizabeth and taking the stairs to the sidewalk along
the bridge. My list with photos is here:

Good Birding,
Jim Hausman
Jefferson Hills
Allegheny Co.
Jim Hausman
Allegheny Co.
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