Date: 3/8/18 2:56 pm
From: therese haenni <0000000915e91be8-dmarc-request...>
Subject: Highway 79 areas
30 degrees and sunny to start this morning at Clarence Cannon NWR. Lots of water but not much in the way of waterfowl, I saw maybe 300 individualsĀ  of the expected species. Best bird was an EasternĀ  Phoebe feeding low near a ditch with some open water.
Bittern Basin also had lots of water and more waterfowl, including about 200 White-fronted geese that dropped in.
BK leach had the most waterfowl: Mallards, Pintails, Green-winged teal, Widgeons(3), Ring-necked ducks, Coots, Redhead(1), Gadwalls, Hooded Mergansers(2) and good numbers of Snow and White-fronted geese in the air and on the ground. Also watched a pair of eagles hunting and capturing a coot, hovering over and diving at a diving bird until it eventually caught it. Most of the waterfowl were on the water west of the maintenance shed in the Kings Lake unit.
Firma road held no waterfowl at all.
Dave HaenniDes Peres, MO

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