Date: 3/8/18 12:31 pm
From: Mark McShane <mcshanebirder...>
Subject: Re: [GABO-L] LARK BUNTING Continues - Centennial Olympic Park (COP), Atlanta - 3/8/2018 (Senior Georgia Birders)
Hi All,

By the way, curious, I interviewed Bruce Dralle a little this afternoon, knowing that he was very close now to having seen 400 species in our fair state, and whom I've known for a good while. Bruce is one of many long-time multi-decade senior Georgia birders, many of whom have been on the ground at COP this week so far in order to see the Lark Bunting, a super major caliber Georgia rarity.

Bruce has an incredible Georgia birding resume to include decades of Georgia birding and Georgia pelagic birding experience. He recently relocated to Tennessee but still chases every bird that shows up in Georgia that he hasn't seen here yet. Congrats Bruce on Georgia number 396!

I bring this up not just to congratulate Bruce, but because unbeknownst to many there is a good-sized group of elder (both in age and experience) Georgia birders who have been birding here for maybe 20, 30, or 40 or even more years, and whom are fairly obscure to newer Georgia birders, and who have tons of Georgia birding experience from even before the Georgia Birders Online (GABO-L) archives began in 1998, or way before eBird started. Many of these folks don't have all of their amazing Georgia birding history in eBird yet, at all, partially, or completely. Also, many of these folks have experienced seeing 370, 380, 390, or 400 plus bird species in Georgia as well!

I have been birding for 11 years here now and am always amazed by their Georgia birding experiences, tales, and stories, the contributions they've made over the decades, and the capacities in which they have served our birding community!

Hats off and thanks to Georgia's Senior Birders!

P.S. Jim Hanna, another senior Georgia birder, reports that he relocated the Lark Bunting just before 3PM this afternoon as well, so the bird is still continuing today per Bruce's report!

Good Birding All!


Mark McShane
Lawrenceville, Gwinnett County, Georgia

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