Date: 3/7/18 1:05 pm
From: Vinod Babu <pavinodbabu...>
Subject: [GABO-L] LARK BUNTING, Centennial Olympic Park- present; and a note on ethical birding
Hello all,

Gus Kaufman and I visited COP around 1:15 pm and were looking for the lark
bunting. As we approached the spot where it was seen last (in the mulch
below the lone holly tree to the east of the visitor center), we observed a
birder who seemed to be looking at it. Just as I caught a glimpse of the
bird, he deliberately stepped forward, well within the mulched area,
causing the bird to fly around to the back of the tree. He then observed
the bird not 10 feet away. The bird eventually returned to foraging in the
mulch when he left.

It appeared that this birder may not have had binoculars on him and needed
to get closer to the bird, but it is unethical, not to mention unkind to
cause a bird to flush in this manner. This is in fact the first guideline
in Audubon's list for ethical birding (
I thought a reminder would be appropriate. Just the other day I was
speaking to a birder from elsewhere in the world where they don't report
rarities immediately for fear that the bird would be harassed or harmed.

Vinod Babu

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