Date: 3/7/18 5:13 am
From: <phawk254...>
Subject: [MASSBIRD] Jodrey Fish PIer, Gl;oucester 3/7/18
Yesterday late morning/early afternoon at the Jodrey Fish Pier in Gloucester Julie and I saw the following

Common Eider 20+

Long-tailed Duck 30+

Red-breasted Merganser 10+

Common Loon 5+

Horned Grebe 6+

Red-necked Grebe 5+

Dovekie 3+

Thick-billed Murre 4+

Black Gullemot 4+

Peregrine Falcon 1 ad

We did not attempt to count all birds (inc gulls), or even all alcids in the harbor, but to enjoy close views in calm waters of birds that often are not seen close or in such placcid waters. Alcids and others were scattered throughout the harbor between moored boats, etc. Meanwhile, huge rollers (but likely far smaller than previous days) were breaking outside the breakwater.

As boat movement increased in the harbor and the tide was rising, there was an almost constant rotation of birds in and out from the pier area. The diminutive Dovekies went from right next to the pier to several hundred yards out, feeding and taking breaks. The views of murre's allowed you to appreciate how far back on the body its legs are. My best views of Dovekies in decades, if not ever. My favorite photo of what I took yesterday was of a Red-necked Grebe swimming next to a Dovekie, a photo that would be meaningless, if not impossible, on a rolling ocean. It looked like Andre the Giant standing over a small wad of bubble gum on the sidewalk.



Paul M. Roberts
Medford, MA
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