Date: 3/7/18 4:58 am
From: Daniel Scheiman <birddan...>
Subject: Mourning Dove Fledglings
Yesterday I flushed two Mourning Dove fledglings from my driveway. They were
stubby winged and tailed but managed to awkwardly fly up towards the roof of
my house and then into my backyard. I saw them in the yard this morning.
According to Birds of North America "Initiation of nesting generally occurs
late Feb­early Mar at southern latitudes, although nests have been found in
all months of the year.˛ Given what BNA says about how long it takes to
hatch and fledge, and assuming these birds fledged yesterday, then the
latest they hatched was 2/23, eggs were laid 2/10, and the nest built 2/8.

Dan Scheiman
Little Rock, AR

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