Date: 3/6/18 12:24 pm
From: Glenn Hodgkins <hodgkinsglenn...>
Subject: [Maine-birds] Type 3 Red Crossbills near Flagstaff Lake
The Augusta Birding Club trip to the Long Falls Dam Road near Flagstaff
Lake on Saturday was able to record audio of both typical northeastern Type
10 Red Crossbills and rare Type 3 Western Hemlock ones (core range in the
Pacific Northwest). These were identified from audio files by Matt Young at
Cornell, our eBird list with audio and pictures is at:

There have been lots of crossbills in Maine reported in the last month. It
would be very interesting to know how widespread the more unusual types are
in this very good spruce-cone year. There are likely more Type 3's around
and there could be others such as the Appalachian Type 1's. So far there's
a very limited number of audio recordings from Maine.

If you can get out to areas of spruce trees (and possibly other conifers)
and get recordings of call notes, it would be great to have additional
ones. It may be 5 years or more until the next good chance. This is an
active area of bird research and more data are needed. Recordings can be
successfully made with a smart phone and loaded to eBird. Matt Young is
interested in more recordings and will tell you what type you recorded (

More info on crossbill types and calls:

Glenn Hodgkins

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