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Subject: [Va-bird] Thanks for the Sapsucker discussions!

I'm very grateful for all the discussion about sapsuckers, and I have
learned a lot over the past few days. I now know that 1) most sapsucker
species will interbreed, especially on the edges of their ranges, 2) we
should be on the lookout for sapsucker hybrids, and 3) in our area, we
should be on the lookout for red napes--I would never have noticed, were it
not for these discussions. Thanks to all who contributed over the past few

I don't know if one of the purposes of VA-Bird is education, but it
should be! I think we need more of this!

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Subject: [Va-bird] Discusssion threads

I have paused and hesitated about posting this comment but after seeing
16 or so posts about a bird that was last seen 2017, I feel it's perhaps
needed. These discussions don't serve the intended purpose of this resource
unless said the bird returns. I come here to see what birders are currently
observing and hopefully to post a report about what I have seen that may be
of immediate interest to other birders in Virginia and for those out of
state birders looking to travel here.
I know when I go to other states listing to help my travel plans and see
these types of threads I would prefer not to sort through random
discussions about optics, hstorical sightings, self promotion, out of state
trips and photos or even extensive banter about current observations.
There are record committees to decide this bird and I am certain there are
social media groups where these postings could play out to those concerned.
I am probably guilty of doing the same by posting this. Many of these
comments would be best taken off line, but that is more difficult now since
the e-mail address of the senders does not readily appear (at least on my
format) as they always had in past years.
Take your birding energies outdoors and report what your currently
observing, that is what this Va-bird News is all about. It is a fantastic
resource and one that I still enjoy In this era of so many options, I find
it the most direct and personal method to report and to read others daily
updates. I welcome any offline comments, perhaps I am being a curmudgeon
but so be it.

Good birding to all,

David Young
Reston, Virginia


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