Date: 3/6/18 9:44 am
From: Mitch Ratzlaff <mitch.ratzlaff...>
Subject: [obol] FOY VG Swallow in Dallas, and an adult RSHA
I had my FOY Violet-green Swallow in our little neighborhood this morning, a nice nod to the beautiful weather we’re having. Also flushed an adult Red-shouldered Hawk on my morning dog walk along Rickreall Creek trail. I was able to follow it and later returned to get some decent diagnostic quality photos as it hunted a nearby meadow that’s slated for development later in the year.A small kettle of 4 TVs meandered their way North over town as I finished getting the hawk photos.
Then, as I walked into my office at work a large group of flyover Evening Grosbeaks called. We’ve had a few singles around town for most of this mild winter, but this was the first I’ve noticed a group of them. I’d estimate there were 20+ in the group.
Enjoy the day!

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