Date: 3/6/18 9:25 am
From: Alan Buriak <a_buriak...>
Subject: Merlin, Peregrine - Armstrong County
A short time ago this morning I drove through the Worthington area and as I was checking the pond at Hogg and Wilson Rd, a large falcon flew fairly high over Hogg Rd and went out of sight in the direction of Green Acres Farm. It fit the proportions and flight style of a Peregrine Falcon, and Peregrines have been found multiple times already this winter in the Worthington area, and are believed to be the birds that nest under the Rt 422 bridge at Kittanning about 5 miles away. Then a few minutes later I drove down Green Acres Rd and where Green Acres Rd ends and becomes Lafferty Rd, in the top of a tree over a yard there was a Merlin. I didn't see it until I was practically on top of it and at that point it was too high above the car to shoot out the passenger window, and of course if I got out of the car it would have flown, but luckily it was in just the right spot for me to open the moon roof and snap some pics right through the moon roof, the first time I've needed to do that! After a few minutes it took off to the north to chase a group of 3 crows. My checklist with pictures of the Merlin is here:

Good birding,

Alan Buriak

Gibsonia, Allegheny County
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