Date: 3/5/18 4:25 pm
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Subject: [GeneseeBirds-L] vintage ny bird slides
Hi, college archivist here at Brockport, and we have a huge set of the
old early 20th century glass slides that were once widely distributed to
schools by the state education department. As a little side project when I
have time I am scanning some of the bird images. They were taken by birders
and ornithologists well known in their time, like Arthur Allen of Cornell,
Guy Bailey of Geneseo... Wonderful images, enjoy, will add more as I can.
New to flickr here, I think you should be able to view and download if you
wish, let me know if you can't.

These slides were the "magic lantern" glass slides, 4x3", much bigger
than the later 35mm slides. Glass slides were widely taken and distributed
through the 1930s and '40s. The original images were all black & white I
believe, and some were later hand colored. So far I have just posted
colored images, and the quality of the coloring seems quite good.

*Charlie Cowling*
*Clarkson NY*

*"Keep on the sunny side**"*

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