Date: 3/5/18 3:27 pm
From: Jim H <englishhaus...>
Subject: Peregrine pair @ Elizabeth Bridge, Elizabeth, Allegheny County
Hello All,

As a follow up to Kate St. John’s post yesterday of a Peregrine at the
Elizabeth Bridge, I decided to stop by this early evening and see if they
stayed. Well, I’m happy to report there are two Peregrines! While observing
one (female) atop the bridge, another (the male) flew in and mounted the
perched one. This is my first time seeing Peregrines mate in the wild! It
was a brief affair though I hope they’ll mate successfully and raise young
here. That might be complicated given the bridge rehab going on below the

I first observed a pair of Peregrines here in late March of 2015 and a lone
bird again in late March of 2017, but those birds never stayed long.
Hopefully, this pair has a better ending to their story.

You can see my list and some distant photos here.

Jim Hausman
Jefferson Hills
Allegheny County
Jim Hausman
Allegheny Co.
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