Date: 3/5/18 11:11 am
From: Rick Bowes <rbowes...>
Subject: [MASSBIRD] 3/4 distant photos of Wave action on Duxbury Beach
Hi folks.

Here are a few distant shots of what was happening on the southern part of
Duxbury Beach at the high tides on Saturday and Sunday. They were taken from
the west side of the bay with a 400mm zoom lens.. The flat stretch in
the pix runs south between the 3rd crossover and what's known as Plum Hills.
The wooded area with the waves washing through it is Plum Hills. Severity
of residual damage is undetermined as best I can learn so far, but the
erosion on the east side has to be very significant if we see this kind of
splashover. Most immediate attention appears to be going to restoring power
and dealing with major tree damage all around town (streets blocked etc.) as
well as dealing with issues in the low-lying areas north of the Bridge
heading into Marshfield. We'll learn about the beach itself in a few days
no doubt; I suspect Blakeman's took a huge hit and significant dune
rebuilding will be required.

No one is allowed out on the Beach as of now and probably only Saquish
residents for a few days. Not only does this have to be rough for Saquish
residents, but I can't imagine how tough it was for the unsheltered wildlife
out there (very little quality cover) - tough even on the Snowy Owls, I'm

Rick Bowes, Duxbury, MA

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