Date: 3/5/18 8:41 am
From: 'The \Nunn Guy\' via Colorado Birds <cobirds...>
Subject: [cobirds] First Shorebirds and Weekend Wrapup [Weld]
Hi all

First, Raptor Alley (Saturday) was fun and productive as usual. Gorgeous
weather for last trip of season. Total raptors seen: 37:

- Great Horned Owl (on nest)
- Ferruginous Hawk - 12
- Red-tailed Hawk - 8
- Northern Harrier
- Rough-legged Hawk - 3
- Prairie Falcon
- Bald Eagle - 3 (one on nest)
- American Kestrel - 6
- Unidentified - 2

Other interesting wildlife:

- Mountain Bluebird - 5
- Common Raven - 2
- Greater White-fronted Goose - 2 (Crom Lake) also ducks
- Snow Goose - 4 (Crom Lake)
- Pronghorn - 15
- Killdeer - 2 (Crom Lake)

My Sunday excursion included 20 bodies of water of which majority open,
some still frozen and a total of 50 species. Those waters that were open
were FULL of geese, gulls and ducks.

- Cozzens Lake had 4 Greater Yellowlegs
- Drake Lake had thousands of gulls roosting on ice--Ring-Billeds and
Herring as far as I could tell
- Angel Lake had 40-50 Snow Goose
- Weld CR 59 Marsh had two Killdeer
- Latham Marsh and Beebe Draw had nice flooded fields, no birds
- Loloff Reservoir covered in geese and ducks-lone Greater White-fronted
- Stewart's Pond full of geese and ducks-marsh was frozen but many geese
standing on the ice-lone Greater White-fronted Goose
- Behren's Reservoir (seen by standing atop my car) full of geese and
ducks including two Red-breasted Merganser
- Woods Lake partially open in SE corner--two Greater White-fronted
Goose, two Snows
- Active (on nest) Bald Eagle nests in Nunn, Evans, Greeley

Thanks Gary Lefko, Nunn

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