Date: 3/5/18 8:36 am
From: Joshua Little <joshua.p.little...>
Subject: [obol] Late - February Brownsville Raptor Route, etc.
Happy Monday Obol,

On February 23rd I ran the Brownsville Raptor Route for the month. Before
getting to the route I headed up to Albany where I found one of the
wintering Tricolored Blackbirds just north of the Eicher Rd. Quarry

I had a Rough-legged Hawk towards the south end of Manning Rd. Then along
Forry Dr I found a beautiful adult GOLDEN EAGLE, which was a nice Linn
County lifer for me. If you're eager to see low quality photos of it, you
can check out my checklist here <>

The route itself was pretty standard, producing 55 individuals spread over
10 species, including 4 falcons and 2 accipiters. A lot of the action was
concentrated in a couple small areas.

Holmes Rd <> (a dead end heading
east off of Gap Rd, just south of the rice ponds) was birdy as usual. I had
a Cooper's Hawk gliding over the ridge line to the south and a Sharpie
right along the road. A Peregrine Falcon was harassing the waterfowl here,
and the dark morph Red-tail that is usually in this area made an
appearance. Two Greater White-fronted Geese made a nice non-raptor addition.

The Gap Rd Rice Ponds <> had the
usual Red-shouldered Hawk.

The route's Prairie Falcon was along Walker Lane
<> and was having issues with a
pesky American Kestrel.

Courtney Creek had seven Bald Eagles, oddly the only ones I saw on the
whole route. Three adults.

The back half of the route was pretty quiet, which is not out of the
ordinary. Northern Drive has proved to be a pretty good area for Merlin,
and it produced one in the final minutes of my route to round out a nice
day overall. 10 raptors on the route, and 12 for the day with the ones I
saw beforehand.

Last Monday, the 26th, I finally made it up to Diamond Hill Rd
<> at dusk to watch the
Short-eared Owls do their thing. There were at least three present, and
they put on a great show as usual. I brought my little 4 month old son to
watch the spectacle, but any time on the highway puts him right to sleep so
he snoozed through the whole thing—I guess we'll have to wait a little
longer before he can add them to his life list :)

Signs of Spring continue to unfold in Eugene, the most recent being the
happy little songs of Ruby-crowned Kinglets all along my run in Alton Baker
Park yesterday afternoon.

Good Birding,

Joshua Little

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