Date: 3/5/18 8:25 am
From: Jack Williamson <jack.williamson.jr...>
Subject: [obol] Re: Oregon county eBird checklist ranking
Doug Robinson ranks 6th in the world on eBird for the greatest number of
checklists submitted.

An astounding 43,180 - as of 20 hours ago.

If we assume eBird launched January 1, 2002, then its been around for 5,907
days, which would mean Doug has submitted an average of 7+ checklists every
day for the past 16 years, 2 months, and 4 days.

Jack Williamson
West Linn, Oregon

On Sun, Mar 4, 2018 at 4:19 PM, Andy Frank <andydfrank...> wrote:

> I just found out (thanks Jen!) that eBird shows how many checklists have
> been submitted in each county in Oregon. As people tend to do more of
> their birding closer to home, I'd have expected that the number of
> checklists submitted would roughly parallel the population of the county.
> But that would be wrong.
> Very wrong.
> The most obvious outlier is Benton County. Its population of 89,000 is
> the 11th most populous county (Multnomah with 800,000 is first), but Benton
> has had 86,000 checklists while Multnomah is 3rd with 63,000 (Lane is 2nd).
> So how does Benton with about 1/9th the population of Multnomah (and 1/4th
> the population of Lane) get so many checklists submitted? Is every student
> at OSU required to eBird?
> Checklists per county:
> OR/regions?yr=all&m=&hsStats_sortBy=num_checklists&hsStats_o=asc
> Population per county:
> population
> Andy Frank

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