Date: 3/5/18 5:46 am
From: Dana Duxbury-Fox <danafox...>
Subject: [MASSBIRD] Current Location of Greater Lawrence Crow Roost

The article in yesterday's Boston Globe, like the one on March 11th in the
Eagle Tribune, capture the excitement of so many crows.

The Greater Lawrence Crows are now staging on both sides of the Merrimack
River and roosting on either the south or north side of the river. They have
almost made a complete counterclockwise circle from where they were staging
last fall to now.

An hour before sunset

First, go to the Bashara Boathouse on the north end of Eaton St. off of
Andover St. in Lawrence to watch were they are streaming that day. Look with
your bincos up as far left (west) as the where the power lines cross the
river. The crows fly in from the east along the river, from the south and
from the west. Some nights they will stage in the trees on the north side of
the river; other nights they go into the trees west of the boathouse on the
south side of the river. If they are going to the south, drive west along
Andover St. to Industrial Way and park in the Haffner Energy Parking lot and
look over to the New Balance (NB) Distribution Center. Many may be staging
on the ground and/or the roof. Some nights they go further west and are
seen around the Affinity Building.

Where they roost

About a half hour after sunset they will go into where they will roost that
night. Some nights it is getting dark by then. Many nights they roost in the
trees to the north of the NB building but not easily seen. Check out Google
earth to see the layout of the area.

There is absolutely no way I know where they will be the next night.
"Where's Waldo tonight". Let me know if you need assistance -
<danafox...> <mailto:<danafox...>

Do plan to go soon as the migrants will be moving north and the resident
crows will begin to spend the night defending their nesting territory.

All the best, Dana

North Andover, MA

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