Date: 3/5/18 4:40 am
From: David Trently <david...>
Subject: Glaucous Gull, Lake Scranton, Lackawanna County, NE PA
On Sunday, March 4, David LaVerne and I visited Lake Scranton (near Scranton, Lackawanna County) to see if any interesting birds were around. Soon after arriving, we spotting a large white gull which turned out to be a first winter Glaucous Gull. It was with a few hundred Ring-billed Gulls and about 30 Herring Gulls. Actually, it was never 'with' the large gull flock, but tended to stay away from the group.
David L tried to get photos, but he is having difficulty with a new camera and they didn't turn out too well. If anyone wants to look at what he got, I can try to send them to you.
Also on the lake were several Common Mergansers and two Common Goldeneyes.

Access to the lake is difficult, as the parking area is closed. We had to park about a quarter mile away in a residential area and walk to the lake.

David Trently
Olyphant, PA
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