Date: 3/4/18 12:03 pm
From: Joseph C. Neal <joeneal...>
Subject: Red Crossbills at Hobbs VC
There were 9 Red Crossbills near visitor center at Hobbs State Park-Conservation Area this morning. I saw them a couple of times right outside the building, on the side with the feeders flying and perched, but not visiting feeders. They sounded to me like Call Type 4, Douglas-fir Crossbill, a medium billed type from the Pacific northwest. Joan Reynolds and I found Call Type 4 Red Crossbills adjacent the VC on December 16, 2017, also a small flock.

Other birds at feeders: American Goldfinches, Pine Siskins, Pine Warblers, Red-headed Woodpeckers (2 at once), Fox Sparrow, etc.

The next NWAAS field trip will be Saturday, March 17, to another great spot for crossbills in Ozark NF near Fern-Shores Lake. Focus of the trip is Brown-headed Nuthatches, but we will also look for crossbills. Details about the trip at on the calendar at NWAAS web site

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