Date: 3/4/18 11:18 am
From: Angelia Jenkins <angeliabeth...>
Subject: [GABO-L] AAS Bird Walk @ the Noonday Creek Trail
Hello Birders,

A beautiful morning for a bird walk. A great group of 10 attendees with one
young boy working on his Science Olympiad work with backyard birds. Yay!

So, the day was full of the common birds all singing, Towhee, Robin and Jays
with a few winter birds still.

A couple of great observations of Brown Thrasher singing its heart out atop

The species count was down over all but still nice sharing new calls and
songs with this group of folks.

In addition to sharing the bird checklist, I also want to share an update
with those of you that are interested in Cobb County's Noonday Creek Trail ~
Bells Ferry end of the trail leading to / Retention Pond work.

I now have an update on the old retention pond between the theatre and Town
Center Mall. Many of us have birded that pond for years way before the
latest pedestrian bridge was erected. Now there is a vehicular bridge that
spans the wetland as well. The latest plans for this area, by the Town
Center Improvement District are to take this huge retention pond and turn it
into a paddle boating area including a fountain and other "improvements".
This pond area could use some invasive plant removal but overall this is a
great place for new birders and experienced birders alike to come for a
diverse amount of birds considering the location behind Town Center Mall.

The architectural plans are drawn up to include a "bird trail" but that plan
would mean clearing out all of the scrubby habitat at the waters edge where
sparrows and many other birds use for cover. The trail is already there and
was paid for with SPLOST funds.

SO I am sharing this because I am volunteering to work with the Bells Ferry
Civic group to try and begin a conversation with the CCID about the
potential for this retention pond area to be an educational and certified
habitat instead of creating a paddle boating feature for the community. We
would like to meet and discuss how we can conserve this space for wildlife
to continue thriving as well as a place for educating the community.

Just last week while I was leading the walk along the bridge, a man stopped
to share with me that he witnessed a pair of bobcats walking under the
bridge, and sure enough, I found the tracks left behind. As all of you know
this is just one example of many, where wild life observations can occur, if
the community stops to take a look. Through the years I've observed many
great birds, mink, beaver, otter and would love to see the Bobcat there too.
There are many people who enjoy this pond and are not aware of what is going
on and have no idea that it will be clear cut to create a community paddle
boating / entertainment area. However, there are others who feel as I do and
would like for this habitat to remain as it is, so we can continue to try
and hold onto places still full of birds in a place like Cobb where
development is out of control. This pond is the highlight of my monthly bird
walk so I am biased of course, as I should be.

I have already reached out to a few other birders and groups to join me in
advocacy for this area along the Noonday Creek Trial but at this point,
there is not much interest. Not sure what will happen or how many millions
will eventually be spent on this paddle boat pond. I am hoping that if
enough Naturalist, Birders, Cobb County citizens and others interested in
conservation / advocacy for habitat come together for a discussion, then we
can make a difference for a win - win plan for everyone that includes

Please email me directly if you have a resource, contact or desire to take
time to discuss this issue along the Noonday Creek Trial.

Thank you,

Angie Jenkins

Kennesaw Mountain Nature Preschool



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