Date: 3/4/18 9:04 am
From: Drew Whitelegg <drewwhitelegg1...>
Subject: [GABO-L] Possible sw@n, Panola area
Hi all,
There might be a sw@n in the Panola area (S. DeKalb, Rockdale, Henry). I
was at Vaughter's Farm (DeKalb) this morning and I saw a lone bird flying
straight from east to west along the tops of the trees to my south. It was
quite some distance away, and though the light was good its markings were
indistinct and on the darkish side - it was silhouetted against the blue

It seemed to have the proportions of a sw@n as opposed to a goose, with a
longer neck and larger wings.

It was heading in the direction of Alexnaders Lake, so I checked there.
But unfortunately the lake area is closed and almost drained. There were
four Canada Geese in the little pond that is left.

I know this is a bit vague, but I thought it sufficiently interesting to
alert people in that area.

Drew Whitelegg
DeKalb Co.

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