Date: 3/4/18 5:35 am
From: Eric Carpenter <ecarpe...>
Subject: [texbirds] Seasonal request for TBRC Review Species documentation
As the NAB winter reporting period ends, I'd like to also ask for folks to
submit documentation for any of the many review species that have been
around this season. I keep a pretty current status (updated at least every
3-5 days, sometimes daily) of the TBRC Review Species that I am aware of
and seeking documentation on and you can find that list here:

If you scroll down on that page, there is a scrollable spreadsheet embedded
that shows what has been reported in the past ~90 days and what the TBRC
documentation status is on those birds. Any and all help for entries in
RED or YELLOW would be appreciated and of course any information on
sightings not listed there, or new/extended dates for species already
mentioned there is also welcome.

Many of us use eBird to report and record our sightings and I encourage
folks to upload their photos there and also to write some details about
their observations as well. I know it is tempting to rely on others to
submit documentation, but writing just a few more details beyond
"continuing bird" would be appreciate and will help document some of these
rarities during the length of their stay.

Thanks to all those that already submit documentation - it is much


Eric Carpenter
Secretary, TBRC

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