Date: 3/3/18 5:09 pm
From: Diane L via va-bird <va-bird...>
Subject: [Va-bird] Highland County today - Golden and Bald Eagles
Greg Moyers and I waffled with today's windy forecast but decided to visit Highland County.  (Interestingly the winds seemed worse here in the Shenandoah Valley, both on our departure and return.)  We entered Highland from the north, on Wimer Mt. Road, and spotted a soaring immature Bald Eagle, then a distant soaring bird south towards Bluegrass Valley Rd that we were pretty confident was an immature Golden Eagle.  

From there we headed west and then north on Hardscrabble Road.  Starting up the mountain, I wondered aloud why, with this area almost always turning up wintering Golden Eagles, we never spotted one tree-perched near the road?  Well imagine our surprise when just minutes later, that's exactly what we found!   Better yet, after posing for photos, the bird lifted off and made a low-flight bee-line directly toward us and over the car!  Wow!  This was another immature bird.  

Other finds included an adult Bald Eagle on Hevener, a Pine Siskin at feeders on Snyder Lane, a singing meadowlark, and LOTS of soaring Turkey Vultures.  

Diane Lepkowski

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