Date: 3/3/18 6:39 am
From: Chuck & Jaye Otte <otte2...>
Subject: Approaching Spring
I went down to southern Geary County around sunup this morning scouting
for Prairie-Chickens in preparation for the Kansas Birding Festival the end of
April. For those familiar with that area there were 14 males fairly close to
Hard Road. They had been displaced from their more typical, higher
elevation, further away from the road site by a Rough-legged Hawk that
looked quite proud of himself sitting on a terrace top. The wind was very
gusty and testosterone levels aren't quite up to full level yet. A few of the
birds were making half hearted attempts at displaying, but it'll likely take a
couple more weeks for them to really get cranked up.

At another lek location about a mile away I didn't see any chickens, but I did
have a flock of 17 Killdeer moving around a wheat field feeding and
vocalizing. Even in spite of the wind there were Eastern and Western
Meadowlarks singing and Horned Larks were abundant and very vocal.
Heading back into town on US77 I had a Sharp-shinned Hawk flying high
over the road on the ridge between the Smoky Hill River and Lyons Creek.

Given the wind forecast, and the need to work on county checklist updates,
that's probably the extent of my birding today!

Chuck & Jaye Otte mailto:<otte2...>
613 Tamerisk
Junction City Kansas USA 66441

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