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Cathie and all,

In a case of "wrecks", mortality is likely quite high. There is direct mortality including crash landings (sometimes exacerbated by disorientation by bright lights, etc, and the fact that they can't take off from flat surfaces without running on water). Indirect mortality likely includes exhaustion, starvation if food cannot be found especially with high seas, and predation (raptors, gulls, etc). One of the big factors is whether or not these birds are inshore because they are already starving or in dire straits due to lack of food or inability to forage offshore, or doing just fine having been simply displaced or following food after persistent significant onshore winds. For example, some of these sleeping murres we are all seeing could in theory have fed overnight on things like squid that come closer to the surface. The macroplankton Dovekie eat are likely available during the day which could be why we are seeing them more actively feeding during the day. We are sure we could provide more detailed info if we had our resources at home, but we are writing this as we pass the time driving though Virginia.


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> We did see some dovekies and murres Friday at Cliff House and from Marginal=
> =20
> Way in Ogunquit.
> Dovekies were feeding occasionally; murres were mostly in sleeping/resting=
> =20
> poses. Only saw one dive under water.
> My understanding is they are here in part because there's little food in=20
> their usual haunts.=20
> Any idea if they can survive here to return to Greenland, Norway, etc? Or=
> =20
> is m

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