Date: 3/2/18 11:50 am
From: Richard Tucker <rickt...>
Subject: Female Red-winged Blackbirds
Today I noticed a large flock (50 count) of what turned out to be (IMO)
female Red-winged Blackbirds resting in the tops of some trees in my yard.
They were there over an hour. After close examination, I decided they were
female Red-wings. I do not member seeing such a large group of females
only. Anyone have any thoughts on this?

The past few weeks we have noticed 6 Killdeer, several Grackles, many Am.
Robins, and a few Red-winged Blackbirds on our farm.

Tuesday I kept a list of birds spotted from the farm into Parsons and back
with a trip to Neosho State Fishing Lake (Lake McKinley) over the noon hour
and had 5 species of ducks and just over 40 species so things seem to be
picking up around SEK after what seemed to me to be a slow winter.

Rick Tucker


Labette County

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