Date: 3/2/18 9:34 am
From: Bruni Haydl <bruni...>
Subject: Waxwings and Eagles
A few Cedar Waxwings have been appearing in my yard this week with a
flock of 32 being the highest number .  Yesterday morning when I walked
my dog I was surprised to find the trees in the cul-de-sac loaded with
them.  There were well over 100.  For some reason it almost looked like
a staging area.  It was wonderful to just observe them without them
being bothered by us and taking off.  Other Februaries have been
memorable for their snow fall but 2018 it was the Cedar Waxwing invasion.

While observing the Eagle Nest the other day I saw the eagle stand up,
adjust some of the grassy material and then settle back down and rock
side to side.  Hadn't seen that before and was wondering if she had
turned the eggs.  Based on some information on the net that was most
likely what happened.  The nest must really be deep because while
standing I could only see the back and head of the Eagle.  We walked
down the hill to the river and cut across to the other neighbor's river
terrace.  This is the location that afforded me a view of the old nest
which has pretty much disintegrated.  From there I spotted the  Eagle's
mate in a tree on Lover's Leap, the house up on the cliff.   The pair of
Wood Ducks in that area were seen for the third time.  They seem to like
that bend in the river.  Sure would be nice if they nested in that area.

On the way home yesterday stopped to walk along the creek in Eastland
and was surprised to find a Blue-gray Gnatcatcher in a young tree. 
The   pair of Canada Geese decided to leave, protesting all the way.

The strong winds we are experiencing have not let up.  It is really
amazing how the little  Finches are able to hang on to the branches or
feeders.  You wouldn't think those spindly legs had that much strength.

Bruni Haydl

Charles Town, WV
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