Date: 3/1/18 7:16 pm
From: Judy & Don <9waterfall9...>
Subject: Re: Goldfinches can't fly
Last week I noticed at least one goldfinch, possibly more than one, that was flying as if blind or disoriented, sort of around in big circles, yet able to land on a tiny branch or on the feeder. I couldn't figure out what exactly was going on with the bird(s?). We do have sharpies and coopers that hunt here so I wondered if the bird(s?) had been injured in some way.
However this did seem different than anything I had observed before.

Ninestone, Carroll County

On Feb 28, 2018, at 3:32 PM, Tiffany <000000ff30a90ad9-dmarc-request...> wrote:

> We’ve noticed several goldfinches that appear to be having trouble or are unable to fly in the past few days, and at least one has died. Their eyes look clear, but could this be conjunctivitis??
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