Date: 3/1/18 12:42 pm
From: Chuck Berthoud <cbpabirds...>
Subject: March eBird Challenge
Hello PA Birders:

Qualifying checklists for March’s eBird challenge will be only those
that have attached photos and audio recordings. The birding community is
encouraged to help build the Macaulay Library with our digital media.
With the advent of Merlin Photo ID software our pictures can be compared
to others in the library. The bigger the library the more accurate the
ID and make it easier for the software to use poorer quality photos.

If you don't have a good camera, consider buying a Phone Skope adapter
for your smart phone to attach to your binoculars or telescope. In good
light, a fairly good photo can be obtained and identifiable pictures can
be taken in lower light. Also a smart phone can obtain a fairly good
audio recording. Over the past year I have had a lot of practice getting
pictures and sounds added to my checklists. Now is a good time to
practice before migration starts.

eBird challenges are sponsored by Carl Zeiss Sports Optic.Those whose
submit at least 15 qualifying checklists are eligible to win a pair of
Zeiss Conquest HD 8x42 binoculars. Good birding!


Spring Grove, York County
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