Date: 3/1/18 10:24 am
From: Marie Jordan <wooddk5555...>
Subject: [Maine-birds] Bees on feeders
I can not find the earlier post someone made about on bees on feeders, but
when I looked out this noon I noticed bees around all my feeders - both the
tube feeder and the open shelf feeders.
No problem on the open ones but the bees were entering the tube feeder,
making their way to the top and getting caught up there with not escape
hatch! They do not know how to drop down to the opening where they
entered in order to escape. I released them but many came right back and
made their way to the top again.
Is anyone else experiencing this issue ?
Maybe lack of flowers and the warm weather could be what is attaching the
bees to the feeders.
Unfortunately, because if not attended frequently to release the bees I am
sure some will die.
I do not recall this happening in the past.
Any suggestions on how to save the bees other than attending the feeders
during the day every hour or so?
Picture of tube feeder and close up (fuzzy) beeon open one. I do not know
my bee species - maybe some one does.
My husband put that tube feeder up recently without taking the label off
and I have not gotten around to doing it! ;-(

See photos on flickr.

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