Date: 3/1/18 8:37 am
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Subject: [MDBirding] Oxbow Lake - Wilson's Snipe numbers are increasing
I thought I would pass along that the number of Wilson's Snipe are increasing at Oxbow Lake. Yesterday I found 4, today I found 9, but then the best snipe-spotter I know, Jay Sheppard, picked out 16. The snipe can be found along the edges of the peninsula that juts out into the lake.

On my map (attached), the best place to look for snipe is at #7 SE Observation Point. Good luck if you go snipe hunting!

Marcy Stutzman
Russett, MD 20724
Oxbow Lake Hotspot:

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Subject: eBird Report - Oxbow Lake, Mar 1, 2018

Oxbow Lake, Anne Arundel, Maryland, US
Mar 1, 2018 9:00 AM - 10:00 AM
Protocol: Traveling
1.0 mile(s)
Comments: Conditions: 51°F, overcast, light rain, wind S, gusts 1 mph. The East Coast is bracing for a nor'easter later today. Lake level lower than recent levels, exposing small portions of shoreline. Emergent vegetation well along in its spring growth--maybe 5-6" average height for the spadderdock.
24 species

Canada Goose 6
Tundra Swan 2
Wood Duck 3
Northern Shoveler 22 continuing flock; rough estimate of number.
Gadwall 6
Mallard 25
American Black Duck 1
Green-winged Teal 12
Ring-necked Duck 150
Lesser Scaup 1
Bufflehead 1
Red-shouldered Hawk 2
American Coot 2
Wilson's Snipe 16
Ring-billed Gull 2
Red-bellied Woodpecker 1
Pileated Woodpecker 2
Blue Jay 2
Fish Crow 2
Winter Wren 1
Carolina Wren 2
American Robin 1
Northern Cardinal 2
Red-winged Blackbird 35

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