Date: 2/28/18 11:34 pm
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Subject: Re: Middle Creek -- Frog Question -- Snow Geese, Tundra Swans -- Lancaster County
Thanks for all the replies, yes they sounded like a bunch of rapidly
quacking ducks, only no ducks in sight! We've had a lot of rain lately
and the sound was coming from "ponds" that I think are normally dry grass.

Cumberland County, PA

On 02/28/2018 5:01 PM, Denise Donmoyer wrote:
> Ellen
> Wood Frogs are the earliest of the frogs to come out. We get them here at Sweet Arrow Lake even earlier than the Spring Peepers which I haven't heard yet. The first time I ever heard Wood Frogs, I thought I was hearing a bunch of Mallard Ducks making that more rapid clacking/quacking sound that they make when a bunch of them are together but when I turned the corner to where I was hearing the sound...No ducks. That's when I figured out we had Wood Frogs. I think they winter under logs and such in wetlands and come out right after snow melt.
> Denise Donmoyer
> Sweet Arrow Lake
> Pine Grove, Schuylkill Co.
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> I spent some time at Middle Creek yesterday. I'm guessing the frogs you heard were Spring Peepers. They were calling a lot yesterday, and I heard them when I stopped at the pond just below the visitor center.
> Willow Point was so crowded yesterday that I didn't even bother going out there. I went to the boat launch area instead. There were other birds mixed in with the swans and geese (ruddy ducks, horned grebes, wigeon, black ducks, mergansers). It took some careful scanning with my scope to find them since the swans and geese had taken over most of the lake. There were also ring-necked ducks and a pair of buffleheads on the pond below the visitor center.
> I went out to Swatara State Park later in the evening to look for Woodcocks. The Spring Peepers were so loud it was difficult to hear the Woodcocks. A lot of Canada Geese and Tundra Swans were migrating overhead while I was in the park.
> Barb Ritzheimer
> Pine Grove
> Schuylkill County
> On Feb 28, 2018 12:08 AM, "reeser" <reeser...> wrote:
>> Beautiful sunny day at Middle Creek today Tuesday 2/27/18. The lake
>> below the visitor center was covered with tundra swans and the field
>> just above the lake between it and Willow Point was covered with snow
>> geese. The geese just kept flying in until they covered the hilltop by
>> about 4PM. Earlier some geese were at Willow Point on the grass just
>> below the picnic tables, while there were more in a field across the
>> water (not visible from the road), others were on the water and
>> farther out. Tundra swans were on the water to the left of the trail to the Point.
>> Also, I think there must have been tons of frogs on either side of the
>> main road in shallow ponds making a lot of noise, almost like birds
>> calling, not quite like the bell sound of tree frogs. Had not heard
>> this before at Middle Creek. Does anyone know if it definitely was frogs?
>> I saw someone had posted a video on youtube of Wood Frogs at Middle
>> Creek from a couple years ago. What I heard sounded about like the
>> video. Tried to get a look at what was making the noise, but was not
>> successful from the road. The ponds were near Willow Point turn off
>> heading toward the visitor center.
>> Anyway, a beautiful day, would have liked to spent more time there.
>> There were a number of people lined up in front of wherever the snow
>> geese were with enormous optical equipment, many more than I recall
>> seeing several years ago, but no buses and no traffic jams other than
>> trying to park near Willow Point parking lot.
>> Ellen
>> <reeser...>
>> Cumberland County, PA
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