Date: 2/28/18 7:41 pm
From: Marty Kelly <tmartin.kelly...>
Subject: [texbirds] Parrots RGV
We tried to brave the high winds the past two days to see the parrot
roasts, first in Brownsville last night, and in Weslaco tonight. A couple
of points that may be of use to those considering going s to see them.
Last night at Oliviera Park in Brownsville a few Red-crowned Parrots
briefly came to the Southwest corner of the park by the ball field about 10
minutes before sundown. However they quickly took off and joined the large
flock in a neighborhood southeast of the park maybe a mile away. We left
about 30 minutes after sundown and I am not aware they returned to Oliviera

Tonight we went to Valley Nature Center to watch for the parrots. Six
red-lored parrots briefly came into the park before leaving again with a
large flock to the south of the park. We tracked them to the corner of
Border Street and 6th Street where they roasted on electric wires. I
counted 71 parrots, all red-crowns except 2 red-lored and 1 yellow headed.
Shortly after sundown another group of 30 parrots flew in the distance.
Theses 71 then took off to parts unknown.

Not sure if the high winds affected their roosting patterns. But hope this
is helpful if you go looking

Pam and Marty Kelly
San Antonio, Texas

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