Date: 2/28/18 5:55 pm
From: Rob Blye <rwblye...>
Subject: Re: Middle Creek -- Frog Question -- Snow Geese, Tundra Swans -- Lancaster County
I agree with Ellen. The first time I heard wood frogs, I was a college
student in upstate New York. I was walking in the woods in early Aarch with
a room-mate when we heard what we thought was a flock of turkeys or maybe
even quacking ducks. We snuck up on the sound to find a shallow vernal pool
full of frogs. Wood frogs sound like ducks or turkeys. Spring peepers make
a high pitched whistling sound. I would go with wood frogs under the


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On Wed, Feb 28, 2018 at 5:01 PM, Denise Donmoyer <nightowl57...>

> Ellen
> Wood Frogs are the earliest of the frogs to come out. We get them here at
> Sweet Arrow Lake even earlier than the Spring Peepers which I haven't heard
> yet. The first time I ever heard Wood Frogs, I thought I was hearing a
> bunch of Mallard Ducks making that more rapid clacking/quacking sound that
> they make when a bunch of them are together but when I turned the corner to
> where I was hearing the sound...No ducks. That's when I figured out we had
> Wood Frogs. I think they winter under logs and such in wetlands and come
> out right after snow melt.
> Denise Donmoyer
> Sweet Arrow Lake
> Pine Grove, Schuylkill Co.
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> I spent some time at Middle Creek yesterday. I'm guessing the frogs you
> heard were Spring Peepers. They were calling a lot yesterday, and I heard
> them when I stopped at the pond just below the visitor center.
> Willow Point was so crowded yesterday that I didn't even bother going out
> there. I went to the boat launch area instead. There were other birds
> mixed in with the swans and geese (ruddy ducks, horned grebes, wigeon,
> black ducks, mergansers). It took some careful scanning with my scope to
> find them since the swans and geese had taken over most of the lake. There
> were also ring-necked ducks and a pair of buffleheads on the pond below the
> visitor center.
> I went out to Swatara State Park later in the evening to look for
> Woodcocks. The Spring Peepers were so loud it was difficult to hear the
> Woodcocks. A lot of Canada Geese and Tundra Swans were migrating overhead
> while I was in the park.
> Barb Ritzheimer
> Pine Grove
> Schuylkill County
> On Feb 28, 2018 12:08 AM, "reeser" <reeser...> wrote:
> > Beautiful sunny day at Middle Creek today Tuesday 2/27/18. The lake
> > below the visitor center was covered with tundra swans and the field
> > just above the lake between it and Willow Point was covered with snow
> > geese. The geese just kept flying in until they covered the hilltop by
> > about 4PM. Earlier some geese were at Willow Point on the grass just
> > below the picnic tables, while there were more in a field across the
> > water (not visible from the road), others were on the water and
> > farther out. Tundra swans were on the water to the left of the trail to
> the Point.
> >
> > Also, I think there must have been tons of frogs on either side of the
> > main road in shallow ponds making a lot of noise, almost like birds
> > calling, not quite like the bell sound of tree frogs. Had not heard
> > this before at Middle Creek. Does anyone know if it definitely was frogs?
> >
> > I saw someone had posted a video on youtube of Wood Frogs at Middle
> > Creek from a couple years ago. What I heard sounded about like the
> > video. Tried to get a look at what was making the noise, but was not
> > successful from the road. The ponds were near Willow Point turn off
> > heading toward the visitor center.
> >
> > Anyway, a beautiful day, would have liked to spent more time there.
> > There were a number of people lined up in front of wherever the snow
> > geese were with enormous optical equipment, many more than I recall
> > seeing several years ago, but no buses and no traffic jams other than
> > trying to park near Willow Point parking lot.
> >
> > Ellen
> > <reeser...>
> > Cumberland County, PA
> >
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