Date: 2/28/18 3:13 pm
From: Terry Bronson <tbronsonbirds...>
Subject: Central WV reservoirs--all ice-free but few birds
A long circuit today found the following highlights:

STONEWALL JACKSON LAKE, Lewis County. No Ospreys at any nest locations, but
it's still too early. High water, but not flooded, below dam.

Visitor Center:

Eastern Towhee--1
American Goldfinch--75 at feeders

Curtis Run Road:

Wood Duck--4
Red-shouldered Hawk--2
Bald Eagle--1 adult
Eastern Towhee--1

Skin Creek Road near Osprey nest south of Little Skin Creek Road:

Canada Goose--1
Wood Duck--5
Red-tailed Hawk--1
Eastern Towhee--1, singing "drink-your-tea"

Vandalia Bay:

Canada Goose--2
Eastern Towhee--2. Notice a pattern, hmmm?

Hog Hollow Road:

Wood Duck--2
Ring-necked Duck--28
Eastern Towhee--1

Pen's Run Angler's Access area:

Canada Goose--61
Ring-necked Duck--2
Common Merganser--11
Great Blue Heron--1
Bald Eagle--1 immature. First-year with very little white.
Red-shouldered Hawk--2
Field Sparrow--2
Eastern Towhee--4
Red-winged Blackbird--1. Very scarce today.

Abrams Run Road:

Field Sparrow--2

Mud Lick Road access:

Eastern Bluebird--4

BURNSVILLE LAKE, Braxton County. The Little Kanawha River below the dam was
flooding the low-lying land between the dam and Burnsville. Many riverside
trees were surrounded by water.

Canada Goose--3 at marina

SUTTON LAKE, Braxton County. The Elk River was very high below the dam, but
didn't appear to be flooding. No water birds at all.

Pond along Route 119 between Century and Volga in Barbour County:

Canada Goose--15
Red-winged Blackbird--10

TYGART LAKE, Barbour County. The sign reading Road Ends in Water was posted
by the campground near Doe Run Impoundment, but the water had receded
enough so one could get to the Pleasant Creek boat launch. Water came to
within a foot of the road near Doe Run Impoundment, and there was some
debris on the road and in the parking area.

Upper Pleasant Creek wetlands:

Canada Goose--73
Ring-necked Duck--1

Pleasant Creek boat launch. All birds were way to the north and barely
visible at 60-power magnification, so I estimated the following:

Canada Goose--2
Ring-necked Duck--65
Greater/Lesser Scaup--35

Bartlett Run Road swamp:

Canada Goose--2
American Black Duck--7
Red-shouldered Hawk--1

Terry Bronson
Morgantown, WV
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