Date: 2/27/18 12:41 pm
From: Ken Ostermiller <ken.ostermiller...>
Subject: [Ohio-birds] New Ohio eBird shared bird reporting hotspots are active
I am sad to announce that Wikispaces, which has provided the free web
hosting for the Ohio eBird Hotspot website, has announced that it will
discontinue service.
The current website will be available until July 31, 2018. I began this
project as an experiment. eBird does not currently have a way to described
hotspots although this feature is on the "wish list" for future
development. I was hoping that, eventually, the information we have
developed in Ohio could be moved to eBird. Developing such a feature is
still on the eBird website "wish list" but I understand that it will not
happen in the near future.

I am exploring, with several others, possible ways to continue to have the
information we have developed about hotspots available. Nothing has yet
been decided. I expect that whatever we develop will not look exactly like
the current website. All the information which has been collected about
Ohio eBird hotspots is backed up and can be transferred to a new site or

I have enjoyed creating this resource but also know that I will not be able
personally to manage such a website forever. It is my hope that this is an
opportunity to create a new resource that will make this information
available in the future.

In the meantime, I continue to process new eBird hotspot suggestions in
Ohio. The Ohio eBird Hotspot website will continue to be available through
the spring bird migration and into the summer breeding season.

Ohio birders have added several shared bird reporting hotspots to eBird.
The links below are to information about each hotspot which is available on
Ohio eBird Hotspot website.

Jackson County
Cackley Swamp

Knox County
Kokosing Gap Trail--Howard

Lake County
North Chagrin Reservation--Rogers Meadow (Lake Co.)
Rogers Meadow is divided by Rogers Road which is also the location of the
Cuyahoga-Lake county line. Lake County is north of Rogers Road and Cuyahoga
County is south of Rogers Road. There are two hotspots for Rogers Meadow.
Please make separate checklists for birds observed in each county.

Summit County
Crown Hill Cemetery

Ken Ostermiller
eBird Hotspot reviewer for Ohio


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