Date: 2/26/18 6:49 pm
From: <johntubbs...>
Subject: [Tweeters] Backyard Photographic Bonanza
Hi folks,

For whatever reason, this morning our yard was swarming with birds and photo ops, probably more than any other day in the four years since we've been here. Why? With birds, who really knows - maybe the neighborhood Cooper's Hawk is on vacation or something.

In any event, I grabbed my camera and started shooting images through the window, and was occupied for a good half hour, and got some very good - and of course some marginal and not so good shots. But enough good ones I thought people might be interested in seeing them. Species photographed included the highlight White-throated Sparrow (perhaps/probably the same bird which has been visiting our feeders off and on for three years now) - not the best photo of the morning, but a decent one. Then another highlight - Varied Thrush , being skulky in general, I have found to be elusive photographic subjects, though I did get one great image years ago in Snoqualmie that I think is still on Cornell's website in the library for that species. Today I had another great opportunity when a pair showed up in the yard and the male eventually hopped up on a large rock and posed for multiple great shots. Other subjects were a Downy Woodpecker and Northern Flicker at the suet feeder, Spotted Towhee and Golden-crowned Sparrow near the ground feeder, and four Steller's Jay several of which presented really good shot opportunities. And to round out the species, Mourning Dove , Dark-eyed Junco and Red-winged Blackbird . Some other species were around but I didn't get shots of them.

I've started using Flickr for a lot of my newer images, and putting a smaller number on my website. The link to Flickr is below. When there, click on the Bird - Yard and House Bird album.


John Tubbs
Lacey, WA
johntubbs AT

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