Date: 2/26/18 4:03 pm
From: Christian Walker <christian.walker...>
Subject: [texbirds] Dallas County Red-tailed Hawk update
Hey there,
I had a job in SE Dallas county this morning, and convinced myself to run down to the same area to try to re-find the Red-tailed Hawk I had seen and photographed yesterday, and hopefully get some better pictures.

I was successful in re-finding this bird near the farm houses on Parkinson Rd just north of Nokes Rd. I was very lucky to get some digibinned shots of it in flight, as well as some digiscoped shots of the bird shaking its plumage showing the upper side of the tail. Over the course of about 45 minutes it remained within a 1/4 mile of this area, soaring and perching, and interacting with several other Red-tailed Hawks in the area. Both the other regular Harlan’s Hawks were seen in the area as well.

See the pics I was able to get in this album:

I believe that this is a Harlan’s Hawk and not a calurus Red-tailed Hawk. Specific marks that are characteristic of Harlan's Hawks are the white streaking on the face (especially near the right eye), some white speckling on the underparts, and the white base to the body feathers (visible in the photo of the bird shaking it's plumage).

Also, I was not able to re-find the White-tailed Hawk.

Christian Walker
Independent Adjuster
Irving, Texas
(512) 431-2495

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